Surrey Docks Farm

FullSizeRender (24)Surrey Docks Farm is pretty much everything you would want a city farm to be. It has a picture-postcard orchard absolutely swarming with bees, all the right animals and the smells to go with them. There’s an extensive veggie patch and a towering, steaming compost heap. The position of the farm, right across from Canary Wharf makes me think of a tiny bantam hen cocking a snook at the city’s soulless financial district.

FullSizeRender (27)Take a look at the pigs, ducks, goats, donkeys, chickens and cows (and the one lonely sheep), and don’t miss the wild garden and the forge. The Piccalilli Cafe looks like it might be pretty good, and it seems to get a vote of confidence from the local community. The only downside to the farm is that it’s a pretty long trudge from the nearest tube and ginger line at Surrey Quays and Canada Water. However, parking is free in most nearby streets.

web, 0207 231 1010, Surrey Docks Farm, Rotherhithe Street, London, SE16 5ET, 10am-5pm summer, 10am-4pm winter, entry free

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