Rye Books

FullSizeRender (88)We suggest you don’t enter Rye Books if you’re in a hurry – this is a shop that invites you to linger. It may be small but the collection is well chosen so you’ll find yourself picking up books and forgetting how little time you have for reading these days.

The children’s section, which is near the front, is wonderful. It has a little table and some toys, and a great selection of books. Across the way is a counter of enticing cakes and a shelf of cups, practically begging you to sit down and have a cup of tea. If it’s sunny there’s a big table outside. There’s a ride-on spaceship and a dog to pat.

In addition to all this, Rye Books is host to regular children’s activities. There’s storytime on Tuesday and Friday at 11am (£4), Bea’s Baby Bop on Wednesday at 10.30am (£5 one child, £2.50 siblings) and Tingalingo (baby French classes) on Monday at 10.30am.

web, 020 3581 1850, 45 Uplands Rd, East Dulwich SE22 9EF

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