Brockley Market

brocklymlogoIf you like a food truck, Brockley Market will make you happy and deeply conflicted at the same time. Breakfast burritos from Luardos? Fattoush in a flatbread from Mike & Ollie? British beef cheek tacos from the Roadery? Vietnamese banh mi pork and duck burger from Bill or Beak? Philly cheesesteak from Tongue ‘n Cheek? My only piece of advice is that if Luardos are doing fish tacos, grab them. Fortunately the coffee situation is clear. You may have to queue up for it, but get in the line folks because this is the best coffee in London.

market juiceFood markets are great for kids. They can see (and eat) real and delicious food and start to get a grip on seasonality. Our kids love the flat breads from Mike & Ollie, the bacon from Tongue ‘n Cheek, the hot chocolates from Dark Fluid and the amazing juices from the vegan cake lady. Actually, we all like those.

webtwitter, Lewisham College Car Park, Lewisham Way, Brockley, SE4 1UT; Sat 10am-2pm

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