Hilly Fields

FullSizeRender (15)You’re sure to get a lungful of brisk air at Hilly Fields, and on a windy day you will need to rug up. It’s located at the top of a hill between Brockley, Crofton Park and Ladywell. The playground is imaginatively designed with a train, a boat, tyre swings, a climbing frame with pulleys and a sandpit with water pump. This is the playground my kids always ask for if there’s a choice.

If you’re peckish, the food at the cafe (Pistachios in the Park) is tasty and good value and they also have nice cakes and ice cream. The coffee is pretty good. It’s extremely kid-friendly as it’s located right in the middle of the park with ne’er a road in sight. There’s free parking all around the park. The closest is on Eastern Rd, off Adelaide Ave.

web, 020 8694 3674, Hilly Fields, Brockley SE4 1LR; Mon-Fri 8.30am-6pm, Sat & Sun 9am-6pm

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